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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Valentine’s/ Steak and a BJ Day Fun times!

So, because we’re bad at schedules, Arti and I haven’t seen each other for about a month. Waaah! So we combined Valentine’s and Steak and a BJ Day and Pi Day and St. Patrick’s Day. Imma tell you how awesome this weekend has been so far, starting with Thursday night. Spoilers: There’s gonna be lots of sex!

I arrived in Brooklyn Thursday night, found a decent parking space, and headed up to Mina’s apartment. I had far too many bags, so I left them all in the car for her to get with me later. Her present was also fragile, so I didn’t want to be messing with keys and all the doors while attempting a balancing act. I got inside and kissed her so as long as I could manage before hunger took over, and we had some delicious dinner that she had ready for my arrival. After dinner we cuddled for a little bit, as it had been so terribly long since we had seen one another. Mina got fidgety and finally couldn’t wait any longer to give me my Valentine’s gifts. She had them all neatly stacked on her sewing desk, wrapped prettily in black tissue with blood stain decorated ribbon. She handed them to me in her order, saving best for last. First came some Sqweelers inserts. (Check out the Sqweel! It’s a pretty rad sex toy) Then was a pair of thigh high Sock Dreams Super Stripes socks in red and black. I put them on immediately <3 Next was an Icicles No. 32 heart handle ripple wand with a g-spot curve, in red glass of course. I’m very excited to try this one, as I love glass toys and I’ve decided that I’m determined to squirt. The next gift will be very helpful in that endeavor- Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Female Ejaculation. Squirting porn, with how-to guide! It also doesn’t hurt that one of my favorite porn stars, Jada Fire, stars in it. Can’t wait to watch it later~ This will probably end up being required watching for all future lovers :P
Last, but certainly not least, was a nicely sized box. I knew that there was going to be some delightful silicone anthro cock, because Mina had posted a picture of her playing with a silicone firmness sample, but I had no idea which one. I had actually assumed that the sample was from another company, Exotic Erotics. But when she handed me the sample, I saw that she had squished up the one she had, which turned out to be from Bad Dragon. My mind raced as I playfully smacked her for misleading me. I quickly gave up trying to guess, as any of the toys she could pick would more than likely be gorgeous. I tore the wrapping open, wrenched the box flaps apart without even waiting for the scissors, and pulled out the packaging. A TENTACLE! If you have yet to notice yet, I am rather in love with tentacles. I have been lusting after the Bad Dragon model for years! Mina ordered me the medium size in 5 (medium) firmness. It’s actually smaller than I expected in the medium, but I will definitely get use out of it regardless. It’s so squishy, but not overly floppy. The sculpt is terribly gorgeous, and every suction cup is perfectly shaped. I plan on using it very soon… hopefully tonight <3
After I had rolled around on the bed in glee sufficiently long enough, I requested Mina’s help in retrieving my things. When I pack for trips that require my toys, I usually bring those in a separate case to my clothes, and yet another bag for my sharps, like needles and staples and branding supplies. I knew that Mina wanted her brand from me touched up, and I had some needle play ideas. So I just packed everything. Usually the best idea when it comes to kinky sex. <3 There was also the box that held the components to Mina’s gift, which had to be carried with care. Once we sorted how to get it all in, we struggled through the double doors and into the tiny elevator and back into the apartment. I told Mina to go wait in her room while I set up her gift. I unwrapped each piece carefully, setting up the scene properly before lifting the vintage silver tray to bring through to the room. The look on her face was worth the care. I had managed to find a vintage 78 piece tea and dinner set of Spode china, with red design. I have yet to properly have it dated, but if my (very untrained) eye is correct, it should be from around the year 1912. One hopes <3 But regardless, after all my worry from her having gotten me so many fabulous gifts and me only being able to afford one rather large one, Mina assured me that it was one of the nicest gifts she has ever received, and that she is terribly lucky.
I wrapped the china back up, as there are two very curious kitties in her apartment that we didn’t want getting into the teacups. We knew we had to get up early the next day, as Mina’s parents were coming to visit to see the Matisse installation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, so we got into our pjs and snuggled into her new (at least to me) bed. We decided that low-tech sex would be best that night, so we kissed for a while before I started to tease her. I licked and nipped at her breasts, working her up into a frenzy before I started to caress her cunt over her panties. Mina whimpered for me to take her as I grinned, moving in front of her to remove her undies. I pinched her nipples before I dipped my head between her legs, licking and sucking on her clit, tongue sliding easily in her juices. Before long I slid a finger into her, finding her already swollen and eager. I curled my finger against Mina’s g-spot while I lapped at her engorged clit, making her moan and writhe under me. I could feel she was getting close, so I offered for her to get a vibrator to take herself over the edge. Mina wasn’t quite able to answer me coherently, so I went back to enjoying her with my mouth before she begged for a vibrator. I allowed her to grab one, still working my finger inside her as she scrambled to find her Form 2. I slipped another finger into her cunt as she spread her lips to find the right spot on her clit, making her hips jerk the vibe out of place and having to try again. I smirked at her struggle, drinking in her scent and taste. Mina worked her vibe as I worked my fingers, working in tandem to get her to the edge. It was taking her longer than usual, considering she was using her favorite vibe, so I took it from her and placed it where I knew it would push, or rather throw, her over into orgasm. It didn’t take much longer before Mina was bucking and writhing, moaning her thanks and pulling at the bedsheets. Biting my lip, I held the vibe in place, working my hand even harder, pressing that spot inside to hopefully get her to squirt. After some number of orgasms, I pulled out my fingers and finally let her release, spilling her juices all over the comforter. I grinned like a Cheshire, turning off the vibe and kissing her thigh, “Such a good girl, making the puddle on your side of the bed…"

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