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Friday, January 20, 2012

Myth Nonsense!

Just using this as a note space while I'm at work and don't have anywhere to save naughty things. <3

-Poser1111-- hugs, greetings, head scritches, and general friendliness
-Believeitornot-- massage, teh makeouts, exhibitionism, specific tasks, intercourse, spanking/punishment

-GregCuffs -- Would like a bondage slut pet --Devi89
-Stacey-- Believeitornot
-Me-- Andyslut, Poser111

Smut and a list

So I know I've made rules for Artemis that directly reflect desires that I have. Such as writing our sexual experiences down in her blog, and drawing every day that she isn't swamped with work. I know that I really want to expand my writing and drawing abilities, but I don't have the damn discipline to do it myself. I've been talking to Oz about making some rules for me, but the poor boy is really new at this long term thing. (Yes, a month is long term for him. Oi.) So I've recently connected with my ex-thing again and we're talking about sexy things and blah blah. He and I were really well connected with kink, so I'm thinking I might talk to him about some rules, as long as Arti and Oz are okay with it. I also need to make sure that connecting with an ex-thing is really such a good idea. Dramamamama. Whatever.

So anyway. Oz asked me to write something up, and Arti has been begging me to write, and ex-thing just gave me inspiration for a story... so ya'll are going to get some smut drafts and work-in-progress updates and the final stories on here. Yay! Posts!

Also, post ideas that I should write down for prompts...
Digital Dominance
Weird ass kinks
Needles and staples and scalpels... Oh My!
Dystopia Rising, in which I'm a badass.
My toys, and how much I love them.
Reviews of my toys.
Poly-nonsense, and how it works for me.
My gender issues.
My bi-gender silliness, which makes me feel like a jerk.
Rope, and why I hate it... but not as much as I say I do
Leather, in all it's glory.
Public play, and why.
Power dynamics
The written sex, and how I love it.
Orgasm problems, and how I feel broken.
Past relationship problems and how they affect my sex life.

That's a lot to work on... but now that I have prompts written down, I should be around a lot more! Whee!

Friday, January 6, 2012

That which I hope starts a trend...

You know, I was so super excited to start sexy blogging, and I thought I would have SO MUCH to blog about, that I made two sexy blogs. One for 'normal', every day sexy things (believe me, not standard normal. My normal. Which is messed up as fuck <3), and one for my special pony play things.

Turns out I suck at blogging. Or, at least, remembering to blog.

It probably doesn't help me that my gurlfrand writes all our sexy encounters, as it is one of her rules to do so, and that I just get so side tracked by how submissive and delicious it all comes out, that I would feel awful doing something like "Then I stuck it in her butt and it was great, lulz." [Which, godamnit, I still haven't done! To-Do list!]

Maybe this new boything I have can give me a similar rule? I don't know. I get really weird about my terrible memory and I don't want to insult anyone by forgetting anything... I'll have to talk to my significant others about it.

It's also a bit silly, because of all the switchtastic nonsense, with me being always dominant of my girlfriend, and being switch-mostly-bottom to the boy. It sort of confuses my writing style. But damnit, it's MY blog! [I'm a brat too, didya notice?]

Also also, the fact that I know that Artemis is the only one reading my blog. SHOW NO FEAR! DON'T BACK DOWN. BE THE TWUEST DOMINATE! ALL THE FEELINGS.

So. I'll work on it. Resolution, I guess. Write about my sex life, and my D/s life, and my poly life, and it will all work out.

Needs more cupcakes.