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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Needles and scalpels and staples... oh my!

Alright, so I got a bit carried away on Amazon after my grandparents and uncle bought me a bunch of gift cards for my birthday and Christmas. And of course, I forgot to private-ize my KINK! wishlist on Amazon before the holiday season. Hopefully no one went hunting on my wishlists...

Obviously, I had a lot of things saved up already that I wanted. My gift cards quickly went to leather care books for Artemis so that she can learn to bootblack (I have so many leather boots), gas masks (another crazy fetish, but also apocalyptic props!)... and vet tools. Yes, needles, scalpels, staples, sutures... all of them are under vet care. Which is great, because I don't need to provide any sort of doctor note or proof or diploma. So I loaded up on those. A 100ct box of needles, three 35ct staplers, and a 10ct box of scalpels. No sutures... yet :3

I've used about a dozen of my needles, on others and on myself. It's weird to me how much I enjoy receiving needles. I never thought I would be into the feeling of getting them, but it's pretty addicting. I have plans for a scene where I get lots of needles stuck in around my joints for bind-free bondage. I like mental fucks like that :3
I've used 2 of my staplers already. I'm addicted to staples. Sadly they're the most expensive of the bunch, but they're well worth it. Especially at the Amazon prices. They're a really great rush with less of the blood (sometimes) and pain of needles, and they look really freaking awesome. I'm in love with stage/sfx makeup, and the staples add this really awesome dimension to my work. But more on that in the next post~
None of the scalpels have been used yet. Mainly because my sexy time sessions involve too much fighting and moving around with the boy and my girl is just too damn delicate <3 We have to work on her veins being punctured. I'm not really sure what it is, but every time she has blood taken for real doctor stuff, her arm goes dead and that makes me sad. So I'm a bit hesitant with cutting her up, which I'm sure she thinks I'm silly for. But once the scalpels are used, I'll be sure to write about it here! I'm really excited for them :D

Maybe I should talk more about why I love this... genre(?) of kink/fetish/bdsm tools.
In a word: blood.
I'm horrifically obsessed with it. I love drawing it, I love it being drawn, I love playing with it, I love looking at it, I love drinking it, I love it being drank, I love my own, I love others' (if they're safe and consenting). I've been fascinated by blood for as long as I can remember. Not necessarily turned on by it until vampires came into my life, but fascinated. I still am fascinated, if it's not a sexy situation. Like just this past Monday I had blood drawn for my 3-month STI screening (Always safe!!), and I watch every time, blood leaping into the tubes... Which is also weird, because I get faint when I see those real life ER shows with surgery and stuff. But I have hardcore sympathy pains, so I think that's the main issue, not the blood. So... yeah. That.

It's a great thrill for me, knowing I'm giving or getting access to someone's life force. I put a lot of commitment and care and terror and importance on blood. If you mess up, there are serious consequences. There is a ridiculous amount of trust involved with drawing and consuming blood. I think it's one of the only things I hold inherently intimate. That's why it's hard to find a partner for blood play, in my opinion. I'm terribly lucky to have found Artemis, who has very similar ideals and fantasies involving blood, mainly vampire roles. She is more than eager to feed me and keep me satiated, but she's just so damn delicate that I enjoy teasing myself with her. Lol self-domination. Oz is a mix of the sensual addict and the crazy killer type when it comes to blood. I'm never entirely sure of him (which is a turn-on and accepted part of our dynamic, nothing non-consensual!), so our blood play has been mainly in the fantasy realm. But he has plans, and I'm a bit terrified in a good way~

Whee! That's a blog post! Tell me what you think, single reader who is my girlfriend and probably knows all of this anyway wow I need to get new readers... gonna go put this on tumblr and twitter and maybe people will be interested...