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Thursday, March 15, 2012

So I'm still bad at blogging...

But I promise to get better. I've generally been off the internet as a whole besides tumblr for a while now. I'm trying to get back into Twitter, and also with Fetlife. Maybe Facebook, but that's not all that fun or interesting or interactive. Wah.

So anyway. I want to write today about my horrible hygiene and my room being a total mess.

Alright. I don't shower that often. I don't feel comfortable disclosing just how often that is, plus I don't really know. I don't keep track. I shower when I feel dirty, or am visibly dirty. Like if I went playing in the mud, or after larping. I take baths for pleasure and not hygiene. I don't have a bath at home. If I did, I would be what others deem "more clean". It has really never been something that bothers me. I use wet wipes on my nether bits, and I clean my face nearly every night. I should probably wash my feet more, but that's Arti's job. :P
I also don't brush my teeth. Like, ever. Barely monthly. Which I know is awful and IS something I need to fix and I'm working on it. Again, I have no self-motivation. I would very much like rules and stuff from one of my lover boys, but that's just not happening for whatever reason. And I feel like a jerk telling Arti that she needs to clean her teeth, although I haven't made it a rule yet because I feel so hypocritical about it. So. Yeah. If anyone wants to give me rules and inspections, hit me up.

Other than my body issues, I live in clutter. I VERY RARELY have food in my room. And when I do, I take the plates/bowls down immediately, or the morning after if it's a late night snack. I somehow forget about popcorn bags for centuries though, as I feed the kernels to my ratties. So that's about the only thing I have in my room food wise, except for scant amounts of chocolate that I have hidden around the room. That's my main problem- I forget things. I honestly believe I have a memory problem, but I don't know if that's something that can be fixed, so I don't bother talking to doctors about it. Maybe I should... but back on the topic at hand. I pile things. I hoard. I really like pillows. I really like craft supplies. These are the things that take up most of my room. There is literally a one foot wide path to my bed and that's it. I can't even open my door all the way.
And my boyfriend, Oz, isn't really okay with that. Which is totally cool with my parents.
So he's at my place while I work today, cleaning out my stuff. Which really is mostly pillows, clothes, bins of stuff (which I just don't get around to putting in the attic) and bedding. Lots of pillows and bedding. I have a Queen size bed, and I really think I get separation anxiety when I'm away from people, so I bundle up pillow and blankets on the other side of the bed that I cuddle into. Aww. Gay. Whatever. Badass dykes can have feelings too.

So that's what's happening today and tomorrow. Oz is cleaning my room while I'm at work. And Arti might be able to come by tomorrow and Saturday and complete the daunting task. I really am not worried as I trust Oz with my things and he (should?) know how much value I hold in my possessions. Which is dumb and materialistic and maybe I'm borderline hoarder but whatever. I really value the gifts I've been given because I know they cost money and money requires hard work and I feel blessed that so many people feel that my happiness is worth their hard work. Again, more gay feelings.

So that's this blog post. I'm dirty and grimy and so Renaissance/ Post-apocalyptic, but my significant others like my parents and want to clean my room. God speed, kids.

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